Transformer accessories supply
Among our services, Elinser could provide and supply all transformer accessories. for instance , the damaged accesories or which required replacement due to breakdown or failures:

Fans - Radiators - Eros - Levels - Valves - Buchholz - Silicagel - Relays - Terminals
Supply and replacement of radiators
Integral change and installation of the cooling system. Elinser has the ability to design, supply and change the entire cooling system of transformers with regards to with radiators or air coolers, replacing the old ones with new ones, whether they are standardized or not, designing new flanges and colectors to adapt it to the existing ones.
Change internal TIs
Following the idea to providing all kinds of services , we also change the interior part of toroidal TIs from the tank in case of needing greater range of measurement or by a failure. After performing this modification, we check the polarity and the relation so that everything is according to electrical diagram.